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No one can do business with you if they don't know you exist. We can only meet so many people in person because of physical limitations.

You're probably thinking that we're going to mention video again... and you'd be right.

With video, other people can meet you, get to know you, and learn more about what you have to offer - they can even be from the other side of the planet. Oh, and did we mention that your chances of growing your network increases exponentially by using video?



If you're looking to increase your sales revenue, and you're serious about finding a solution that's sustainable, we recommend considering video to help you get there.

Not only is video able to work 24/7 as a sales asset, but it can also shorten the time it takes for a lead to become a buyer - and it doesn't even need to be a "video ad".

Imagine someone watching your 2-minute video, clicking the link to see your offer, and signing up for your product or service without you having to do a thing.



You're a busy person, and you simply don't have time to do all the things you want with the people you love.

But what if there was a way to automate repetitive tasks, while being even more productive than if you did it all manually?

The great thing about video is that it works so you don't have to. And just like that, your schedule opens up for time to spend with your friends and loved ones.


More than just video.


To us, video is simply a technological tool that can be easily misused. In fact, the majority of people in business are misusing video (at no fault of their own).

This is why we take the time to dive deep into our client's needs, discover new opportunities for quick growth, and provide the kind of professional care they need to thrive in 2020 and beyond.

24/7 Online communication.


Our clients want business solutions that are designed for maximum impact and consistent results.

We combine digital technology, business strategies, and practical problem-solving skills to build video systems that work 24/7 to bring our clients results - beyond just marketing and advertising.



Anyone can make a video, but most people are not trained to leverage video technology for business results - not even film-school graduates.

Before ever touching equipment, we first focus on helping our clients solve problems in their businesses that are preventing their next breakthroughs.





We've worked with businesses large and small in industries such as mass media, retail, consumer technology, business consulting, automotive retail, luxury real estate, arts & entertainment, legal, political, health & wellness, industrial hardware manufacturing, restaurant & catering, vacation & touring - just to name a few.

However, we don't take on just any client who contacts us looking for help. We look for unique businesses that are doing something incredible to change the world and make it a better place.

That said, the psychological fundamentals of persuasion and buying behavior don’t vary by industry. Video is the most diverse business asset you can use to grow your business.

Plus, your prospects are four times more likely to watch a video than read text.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with Stonecraft Media?

Simply put, Stonecraft Media is at least 3 years ahead of the commercial video production industry right now.

Most video producers are still creating videos that worked 5-10 years ago… but the online marketplace has changed drastically since then. Traditional producers and videographers might be great with a camera, but have little to offer when it comes to optimizing business processes to bring you an ROI.

Most of our agency competitors don’t have an in-house video team. Instead, they sub-contract those traditional freelance videographers to film your videos. Can you say “quality control?!”

But with Stonecraft Media, you get it all — a team that truly cares about our client's results and will help you from strategy concept, to production, to strategy implementation & follow-up.

Why can't I just hire a local videographer?

You can definitely hire a local videographer... it just depends on your needs and ability.

With a videographer, you might get a nice-looking video, but you or your team will have to develop an ROI-positive strategy to tie the video content back to your business goals.

In our experience, most businesses aren't equipped and don’t have the expertise or bandwidth to successfully lead video projects all on their own.

The bigger your goals are, the more important it is to work with an experienced team that specializes in their craft that can insulate you from risk and develop the right strategy and the right video the first time.

How can I keep my costs low and still get a great video?

A big part of creating an ROI-positive video project is balancing quality with costs. We always create awesome video content, but you don’t always need a major production budget to achieve your goals.

Sometimes, all you need is a professional-looking video with a tight message. Simpler videos tend to work best at the top and bottom of your marketing funnel, when you’re simply building relationships with helpful content, or overcoming resistance to the sale.

But when you’re building value around your product or service in the middle of your funnel, your videos need to be more engaging and emotional to persuade your viewers to buy. They need hook your prospects' attention and make your solution an urgent priority that they need to take action on now.

As an ROI-focused company, we’ll advise you when it makes sense to keep it simple, or produce a more creative video.

What is the turnaround time on a video project?

Our typical turnaround time for a video project is 3-7 weeks from contract to final video. This allows time for your team to compile feedback and revision notes, and we can work faster if your team is responsive during the process.

For projects that are considered "rush jobs", we must consider several variables before we agree to take these on.

How much time will my team need to invest in the project?

It varies based on the client and scope of the project. Certain kinds of projects, like testimonial videos, won’t take much of your time at all, thanks to your producer. Just tell us who to reach out to and we can handle the details on your behalf.

On the other hand, you may need to be more hands-on for something like a video business card that’s going to live front-and-center on your home page. We’ve even worked with committees for projects like this.

Generally speaking, we will typically only need you for an hour or two for pre-production tasks like script-writing and logistical planning. Based on the project, an hour or so for filming. Then another hour or two for each stage of revisions. You can expect about the same during post-production. So that’s roughly 7-14 hours over the course of 3-7 weeks.

What if my team isn't good on camera?

Fortunately, you have plenty of options!

One cool thing about video is that you aren't required to appear on camera. For example, we can hire a trusted professional voice actor or actress in our network that can deliver your message and use animation or B-roll to tell the visual story.

For most projects though, we will direct your team members during the video shoot - especially if we are filming unscripted interview-style video content.

Alternatively, some projects might require the use of our teleprompter to help deliver a scripted message on video.

We also use multiple camera angles so that our editors can piece together all the best shots in post-production. Think about it like this — if we can tell a powerful story through video that is helping save millions of children around the world, we can craft video content that helps gets your business ROI-positive results as well!

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Since the beginnings of Stonecraft Media, we've never had this come up. But if for any reason we miss the mark, we’re the sort of people to make it right.

How do I get started?

Fill out our Discovery Form to apply for a free 45-minute Video Strategy Session. If accepted, we'll meet to discuss your goals and develop a plan for your business.

There are no obligations and no pushy sales tactics here.

If it's a good fit for us both, you'll simply need to pay the deposit to secure your spot on our production calendar and sign our contract documents.

From there, we'll move forward into pre-production to start working on the details of your project.


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"I want to give a HUGE shoutout to Chris at Stonecraft Media for coming in clutch and making our amazing intro/outro videos for Social Info."

"He was able to perfectly capture what we were looking to portray!"

"10 out of 10 would recommend, and I know I will!"

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"Video is a huge thing right now."

"I've done hundreds of 'live' and 'recorded' videos, but haven't done anything with them. Then came along the brilliant Chris from Stonecraft Media. He's like the king of video."

"This is what I'm talking about when I say, 'make it easy on yourself'. Get yourself a 'Chris' (or just message him, he won't bite... I think)."

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"I just wanted to recognize Chris at Stonecraft Media for his awesome work on Josh Forti's recent project."

"I posted in here looking for a motion graphics wizard and Chris just happened to be available. Within minutes, Josh hired him for the job."

"Chris crushed it. Nice work bro!"

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