At Stonecraft Media, we believe video is the most diverse tool to use for achieving your specific business goals.
Just like with any tool, you must use the right one for the job.

We'll help you discover a profitable video strategy, craft the right video content, and bring it all together through implementation of the video strategy so you can start getting the results you need. To make this level of customization possible, we can't offer itemized pricing.

What we can do is give you a sense of what to expect based on your needs, as well as typical ranges for some of our more popular types of videos.

To get a free Video Strategy Session and firm pricing for your specific video project, fill out this form.



$ 3k-10k

Zero fluff. Zero frills. Just great-looking videos using basic 2D motion graphics animations or featuring your team on camera.

What you can get:

A video strategy customized for your needs, designed to get ROI

Script-writing development or a "deep-dive" session

World-class video production up to 4K resolution

A producer to manage your project and ensure the process is a breeze



Want something more creative? A larger budget will get bigger productions, sophisticated animations, and complex stories.

What you can get:

A creative brainstorm session to align creativity with your goals.

Actors and actresses

Multiple shoot days

Minor set construction

2D character animations

Plus everything in Professional!



Want to dominate your market? Nothing's more shareable than video, but it needs to be GREAT and it needs to convert.

Sky is the limit:

3D animation

TV commercial formats

Viral video concepts

Next-Gen Video Distribution

Multi-location, multi-day shoots

Plus everything in
Professional & Prestigious!

pricing for popular video types

These list is not meant to be all-inclusive, but rather just give you an idea of what to expect.

Video Business CArds

Most clients spend $3k-25k

The most important video in your arsenal is a video business card. Diverse use-cases include being seen on your home page, in your advertising funnel, as a prospecting tool for your sales team, and much more. It's an asset that works non-stop 24/7 to showcase your business in 2 minutes or less.

Its main purpose is to unbind the essence of your business from space & time. Given such an important role, video business cards are typically where we begin when working with new clients.

As a result of their high impact and diverse use-cases, video business cards typically have one of the highest ROI's out of any video type.

Most clients spend $3k-25k

sales process videos

Q&A's (5 per shoot day): $5k-10k*

Highly-Produced Videos: $12k-30k

*Unscripted interview-style videos with your team

Most consumers and financial decision-makers would rather watch captivating video content on a website than talk with someone on your sales team. Sales process videos can boost your conversion rate up to 80% or higher than text or static images alone.

If you horde valuable information as an incentive for someone to have a sales meeting with you, you're leaving money on the table. People are more skeptical than ever and will quickly lose trust or turn to your competitors who freely give value.

Want to build trust and automate your sales process at the same time? Then it’s time to leverage the power of sales process videos.

video ads

Social Media Ads: $9k-20k is typical

TV Commercials & Viral Concepts: $25K+

One of the oldest "rules" of marketing is to be where your audience is, and here in 2019, social media is that place. If your business is not 100% referral-based, then you're missing a huge opportunity by not using social media video ads.

Also, 85% of Facebook videos are played without sound. Considering this, and other widely adopted social media preferences, your video content must be optimized for the user's experience if you want it to perform well.

To do that, focus is drawn to post-production editing where your video ads are designed and engineered specifically for the platform they'll exist on.

Our team can either work with your existing advertising partner to boost ROI, or manage your entire ad spend - whichever works best for your business goals.

Social Media Ads: $9k-20k is typical

TV Commercials & Viral Concepts: $25K+

testimonial videos

Most clients spend $12k - 20k

90% of customers make purchasing decisions based on videos they've seen. Naturally, testimonial videos have one of the highest ROI's than any other kind of video.

However, paying for "point-and-shoot testimonials" are a waste of your time and money. Nobody wants to hear the typical "fluffy" testimonial story, either. People want captivating stories being told about your business by other people like them who they can relate to.

To help you get even higher ROI from your testimonial video content, we'll help you use them to proactively handle key objections before they arise.

Most clients spend $12k - 20k
Q&A's (5 per shoot day): $5k-10k*

Highly-Produced Videos: $12k-30k

*Unscripted interview-style videos with your team

other services

Social Media Ads Management

Web Design & Development

Conversion Copywriting

Sales Process Automation

Messenger Chatbot Development

Marketing Funnel Design & Optimization

Training for in-house Sales & Marketing Teams

Our focus is centered around video content strategies and video production services. Yet, our team consists of experts in sales and marketing who know how to help you leverage video & technology. Video is simply our most powerful tool for helping you achieve your goals.

Over the years, we’ve discovered that it takes more than a great video to get ROI — the strategies behind the content are equally important. So in addition to our core services, we can also help you support the entire customer journey.

Need help building a better website designed and engineered for conversions? We've got you covered.

Want a team of experts to manage your YouTube, social media, email, or ad campaigns? Yep, we can help with that too.

Does your sales or marketing team needs an edge to take the upper-hand over your competitors? We can help you develop an optimized sales process that takes advantage of the latest technologies and serves the needs of modern online buyers.


Social Media Video Ad Campaigns

Web Design & Development

Conversion Copywriting

Sales Process Automation

Messenger Chatbot Development

Marketing Funnel Design & Optimization

Training for in-house Sales & Marketing Teams


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with Stonecraft Media?

Simply put, Stonecraft Media is at least 3 years ahead of the commercial video production industry right now.

Most video producers are still creating videos that worked 5-10 years ago… but the online marketplace has changed drastically since then. Traditional producers and videographers might be great with a camera, but have little to offer when it comes to optimizing business processes in sales and marketing to bring you an ROI.

Most of our agency competitors don’t have an in-house video team. Instead, they sub-contract those traditional freelance videographers to film your videos. Can you say “quality control?!”

But with Stonecraft Media, you get it all — a team that truly cares about our client's results and will help you from strategy concept, to production, to strategy implementation & follow-up.

What industries do you serve?

At Stonecraft Media, we believe video can be used effectively by any industry.

We've worked with businesses large and small in industries such as mass media, retail, consumer technology, business consulting, automotive retail, luxury real estate, arts & entertainment, legal, political, health & wellness, industrial hardware manufacturing, restaurant & catering, vacation & touring - just to name a few.

However, we don't take on just any client who fills out our Discovery Form or contacts us looking for help. We look for unique businesses that are doing something incredible to change the world and make it a better place.

That said, the psychological fundamentals of persuasion and buying behavior don’t vary by industry. Video is the most diverse business asset you can use to grow your business.

Plus, your prospects are four times more likely to watch a video than read text.

Why can't I just hire a local videographer?

You can definitely hire a local videographer... it just depends on your needs and ability.

With a videographer, you might get a nice-looking video, but you or your team will have to develop an ROI-positive strategy to tie the video content back to your business goals.

In our experience, most businesses aren't equipped and don’t have the expertise or bandwidth to successfully lead video projects all on their own.

The bigger your goals are, the more important it is to work with an experienced team that specializes in their craft that can insulate you from risk and develop the right strategy and the right video the first time.

Can we save money by writing our own scripts?

To protect your investment, Stonecraft Media doesn’t usually allow clients to write their own scripts.

Most marketers, especially those with journalism backgrounds, believe they can write great sales copy. Unfortunately, that’s not been our experience.

There’s a big difference between writing for text and writing for speech. Plus, there are visuals to consider.

How can I keep my costs low and still get a great video?

A big part of creating an ROI-positive video project is balancing quality with costs. We always create awesome video content, but you don’t always need a major production budget to achieve your goals.

Sometimes, all you need is a professional-looking video with a tight message. Simpler videos tend to work best at the top and bottom of your marketing funnel, when you’re simply building relationships with helpful content, or overcoming resistance to the sale.

But when you’re building value around your product or service in the middle of your funnel, your videos need to be more engaging and emotional to persuade your viewers to buy. They need hook your prospects' attention and make your solution an urgent priority that they need to take action on now.

As an ROI-focused company, we’ll advise you when it makes sense to keep it simple, or produce a more creative video.

What if my team isn't good on camera?

Fortunately, you have plenty of options!

One cool thing about video is that you aren't required to appear on camera. For example, we can hire a trusted professional voice actor or actress in our network that can deliver your message and use animation or B-roll to tell the visual story.

For most projects though, we will direct your team members during the video shoot - especially if we are filming unscripted interview-style video content.

Alternatively, some projects might require the use of our teleprompter to help deliver a scripted message on video.

We also use multiple camera angles so that our editors can piece together all the best shots in post-production. Think about it like this — if we can tell a powerful story through video that is helping save millions of children around the world, we can craft video content that helps gets your business ROI-positive results as well!

What is the creative process like?

At Stonecraft Media, every project starts with strategy…

The first step is for you to fill out our Discovery Form. This gives us enough information to visualize how your business could be using video content.

If it's a good fit, we'll offer to schedule a free 45-minute Video Strategy Session with your team. This enables us to understand your business on a deeper level so we can make an intelligent diagnosis and prescribe a video-powered business solution that will meet your specific needs.

Once we agree to move forward on a project and receive the first payment from you, our team will work with your team to develop a specific message and creative vision for your video content. After that point, we'll work out the logistics of the project.

If we're doing scripted video, we always deliver a script 'template' (per video) for you to fill out. Once we get that back from you, we'll help you fine-tune your script over the course of up to 2 script-writing sessions.

Scripted projects include up to two rounds of script revisions without any additional charges.

If your project requires any sophisticated animation work or professional talent, we’ll also begin sharing samples with you to ensure everything is approved before making the hand-off to our post-production team.

We provide a similar process during post-production, except instead of scripts and samples, we’re revising your videos.

By building in a multi-step revision process into your project, we’re able to consistently deliver high-quality videos that you'll be proud of.

Do we get storyboards?

If anything, we will provide more of a 'shot-list'. We’ve found that this saves everyone time and money in the end. Also, we’ve never had a client who was unhappy with our final work.

At times, storyboarding is absolutely necessary - for example, when we’re producing advanced animations or telling intricate stories. The extra time we spend with you in pre-production will ensure you get a video you love. Plus, it saves time during the revision process. It’s a win-win.

Simply put, we use ’em if we need ’em, and we won’t nickel and dime you for unnecessary work.

What is the turnaround time on a video project?

Our typical turnaround time for a video project is 3-7 weeks from contract to final video. This allows time for your team to compile feedback and revision notes, and we can work faster if your team is responsive during the process.

For projects that are considered "rush jobs", we must consider several variables before we agree to take these on.

How much time will my team need to invest in the project?

It varies based on the client and scope of the project. Certain kinds of projects, like testimonial videos, won’t take much of your time at all, thanks to your producer. Just tell us who to reach out to and we can handle the details on your behalf.

On the other hand, you may need to be more hands-on for something like a video business card that’s going to live front-and-center on your home page. We’ve even worked with committees for projects like this.

Generally speaking, we will typically only need you for an hour or two for pre-production tasks like script-writing and logistical planning. Based on the project, an hour or so for filming. Then another hour or two for each stage of revisions. You can expect about the same during post-production. So that’s roughly 7-14 hours over the course of 3-7 weeks.

Do you hire freelancers?

On rare occasions, we’ll hire reputable freelancers we trust, but never replace our in-house team on a shoot.

By working with our team that’s been making video content cumulatively for over 15 years, you can trust that we’re not risking your project on a sub-contractor. Quality control is important to us, because we know it’s important to you.

What if I need revisions?

Revisions are built into our workflow to ensure you get a video that looks and performs great. We provide 2 rounds of revisions to both your scripts, as well as your video. That’s 3 total rounds of scripting and 3 total rounds of editing.

Since the beginnings of Stonecraft Media, we've never had to go beyond 2 revisions during a project. But if it does happen, we’ll provide an estimate and bill you at an hourly rate of $250.

If you suspect that your organization is going to need more layers of scrutiny than our typical client, we can always budget your videos with extra revisions built-in. We hate nickel-and-diming, so we try to keep it simple.

As for revisions to previous video projects, we’re more than happy to provide an estimate and update your videos for you.

Don’t let your agility hold you back from creating videos. We’re great at designing video content that can be inexpensively updated for companies that are going through a lot of product or messaging changes.

Just let us know and we’ll bake that into your strategy!

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Since the beginnings of Stonecraft Media, we've never had this come up. But if for any reason we miss the mark, we’re the sort of people to make it right.

How do I get started?

Fill out our Discovery Form to apply for a free 45-minute Video Strategy Session. If accepted, we'll meet to discuss your goals and develop a plan for your business.

There are no obligations and no pushy sales tactics here.

If it's a good fit for us both, you'll simply need to pay the deposit to secure your spot on our production calendar and sign our contract documents.

From there, we'll move forward into pre-production to start working on the details of your project.